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How healthy is
my building?

Healthy building, healthy business. Prepare your workplace for COVID-19 and beyond.

Three basic healthy-building blocks:

Moving goalposts

Returning to the office is overwhelming, with various new legal requirements, technical preparations, staff management, and expectations in place. Additionally, restrictions can change at any time with minimal notice. Zutari can help you prepare so that you can focus on primary operations rather than deciphering new legislation.

Prepare your workplace for the future safety of your workers. Unfortunately, commercial buildings don’t typically meet the standards required to minimise the spread of infectious disease to the same extent that hospitals do. However, Zutari can implement various strategies to reduce the risk of the transmission of contagious diseases

 Zutari can implement various strategies to reduce the risk of the transmission of contagious diseases in buildings.


Ways to improve the indoor air quality in your building.

In this easy-to-read PDF guide, Zutari shares fifteen ways to reduce the risk of transmitting infectious diseases in your building.

Does your building need more than just a checklist?

Email Yovka Raytcheva-Schaap for more information on our Healthy Building Assessments, giving you practical steps towards better indoor air quality.


Yovka Raytcheva-Schaap

Associate: Environmentally Sustainable Design, Zutari


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Zutari co-creates engineered solutions for a COVID-19 world.

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