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Covid 19 Advisory & Consulting
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How healthy is my construction site?

Keep your construction sites open during the COVID-19 pandemic with Zutari's holistic approach to health and safety on site.

Three scenarios that could see your site shut down:

Know where your risks are.

Consider a construction worker using public transport to get to your site, which is high risk and not controlled by the contractor. She then reports for a Toolbox Talk, shares equipment with her co-workers during the day, and shares the water coolers, eating, and hand-wash points with her team. Later during the day, she uses a project vehicle shared by others to collect material in town. Now consider that the same worker uses a private bus provided by the contractor to transport everybody to your site, which is still a threat, but under the contractor’s control.

Identify all the touchpoints.

Using a comprehensive process to identify all the potential touchpoints where infection with the COVID-19 virus could occur allows you to assess risks and identify possible control measures. These include:

This pandemic should not determine whether your construction site is operating successfully or not. Instead, you must focus on developing and implementing flexible, comprehensive COVID-19 site exposure control plans.


Actions that will keep your construction site open.

With this easy to read PDF guide, Zutari shares the 3 actions that you can implement to dramatically reduce the risk of your site being shut down.

Your site might be safe, but what happens out of sight?

There are also things that fall outside of the control of the contractor to consider. How compliant are the communities where the workers live? On average, how many people share a house? What education and training do these households require?

Is your construction site safe?

Email Buhle Dlamini to discuss how we can assist you in developing a comprehensive COVID-19 response plan for your construction site.

Buhle Dlamini

Senior Health and Safety Business Partner, Zutari


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