COVID-19 advisory and consulting services
for project management offices (PMOs)

How healthy is
my project?

The health of large-scale projects is imperative
to support economies during the
new Covid-19 restrictions.

Prevent Management from mismanagement.

A fraud investigation for the misappropriation of funds allocated recently quoted a state lender as saying: “I don’t know if those companies were real companies. But, you know, we relied mainly on Management. We did not have a reason to second guess what they were telling us because we did not have any experience of, you know, wrongdoing and so forth. Our relationship with the company was okay, so when they provided us with the list, we believed those companies were in existence, and the amounts that were reflected in the reports were actually the amounts that were advanced to those companies. That was our belief.”

Zutari follows an outcomes-based approach to capital assurance, which focuses on assurance efforts beyond compliance to increasingly quantify the achievement of otherwise agreed programme and project metrics. This approach measures the actual effectiveness of programmes and project risk processes.

Beyond compliance.​

At Zutari, we move assurance beyond compliance to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Importantly, this concept includes assessing ethics and environmental and equity principles – keeping your projects going and promoting the safety of economies, communities, and environments. 

Rest assured that the information you cite is a true reflection of the reality on the ground without putting staff or partners at risk.


Straight-shooting questions to ask on every project.

In this easy to read PDF guide, Zutari shares the five most critical questions to ask your capital project managers.

Do you need an honest answer?

Contact Riaan Steenekamp for a 2-hour Project Control Environment Assessment Session that provides a balanced view of the entire asset life cycle’s capital control environment.

Riaan Steenekamp
Associate Director: Asset Governance, Risk & Assurance, Zutari


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Zutari co-creates engineered solutions for a COVID-19 world.

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