COVID-19 advisory & consulting services for workforces

Covid 19 Advisory & Consulting
Services for Workforces

How healthy is
my staff?

Your operation is only as healthy as those who work there. The sharp rise in Covid-19 infections must make us question - do you have a fool-proof plan to keep your staff safe?

Three strategic tips to balancing risk:


Easy strategies to keep staff safe.

Zutari shares six strategies that underpin a human-centered, balanced view of COVID-19 risks in this easy-to-read PDF guide.

Managing complexities.

It is quite a complex challenge to manage staff and communities’ well-being and the construction, commissioning, and operation of infrastructure while complying with legislative requirements. Zutari uses a human-centered approach to risk management and the design of operational strategies within the workplace. We look beyond traditional processes and ensure that plans are not merely pipe dreams but have an immediate impact.

Mix it up.

Zutari’s approach to any challenge, big or small, combines creative and analytical problem-solving strategies. We pick tools and techniques from several methodologies, like systems thinking, design thinking, and lean thinking. The result? A unique problem-solving framework that offers you the best of these worlds and is scalable to any challenge. By applying these strategies to risk management, a broader context of the organization’s ecosystem is uncovered, and relevant mitigation strategies can be co-created. You can then focus your efforts on appropriate risks that could significantly impact achieving your objectives with buy-in from stakeholders.

Keeping doors open while protecting staff requires a human-centered, balanced view of risk.

Do you need a fool-proof plan to keep your staff safe?

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Carin Donald

Associate Director: Risk Advisory, Zutari


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Zutari co-creates engineered solutions for a COVID-19 world.

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