Environmental, waste & climate advisory

Today’s plans for assets and communities have an impact on the economic, environmental and social benefits of the future. Achieving a balance between economic goals, social development objectives and environmental sustainability, remains a challenge.

Mel Pillay
Expertise leader: Environment and climate resilience
Mel Pillay

In addition, ever changing regulatory frameworks adds to the complexity when projects are planned and executed.

Whether we are planning strategies to prioritise investment decisions, navigating complex approvals, or re-imagining the transformation of existing assets, we at Zutari believe that combining our multidisciplinary expertise with rigorous processes and tools is fundamental to constructing a safer and more sustainable future.

Clients can scale their engagement with us – from stand-alone planning services, through to fully integrated services which includes our engineering design services. Our project portfolio is extensive and covers both public and private sector clients, across multiple industries.

Our team of specialists identifies the impact of climate change specific to your industry and asset and work with our clients to mitigate these risks. Combining traditional spatial analysis and risk modelling with new and emerging applications, we assess business outcome, transition and asset-based risk to develop pragmatic response plans.

Our advisors work with you and other stakeholders during all the phases of a project, including strategic positioning, planning, design, and construction.

Our services include:

  • Project shaping to design a project that creates an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable asset
  • Reliable project approvals to reduce material delays and additional costs
  • Contaminated land management to evaluate remedial options, provide engineering rigour to design, and calculate investment returns that meet financial, regulatory, and social requirements
  • Urban planning and the adoption of a consolidated infrastructure planning process (CIPP) to explicitly address demand drivers, development priorities, institutional requirements, and budget needs
  • Insights and analytics delivered on advanced geospatial information systems and portals to create visualisation and collaboration of information on complex projects by providing advice, digital data capture and information management
  • Asset transformation and the incorporation of a risk-based approach to business model development and funding, community engagement and sustainable planning, infrastructure optimisation, rehabilitation planning, transformation and closure costing, decommissioning planning and management, and labour force retraining
  • Resilience solutions that combine spatial analysis and risk modelling with practical and tested applications, and that directly link risk assessment to prioritised responses, budget and financial processes, long-term investment strategies, and infrastructure planning as well as reporting obligations
  • Environmental management through a team of skilled and experienced environmental auditors and managers focused on the identification of explicit causes of non-compliance to guard against the risk of closure and major reputational damage.
Clients can scale their engagement with us – from stand-alone planning services, through to fully integrated services which includes our engineering design services.
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