Infrastructure asset management

As trusted advisors, we support clients throughout the full lifecycle of their infrastructure assets.

Chris von Holdt
Expertise leader: Asset management

Large organisations who are rich in infrastructure assets are challenged with coordinating the complex activities required to get the maximum value from their assets. At Zutari, we help these organisations to coordinate their activities through better processes, better visibility, and better decisions. The result: infrastructure that works.


Organisations require effective processes to plan, budget, design, deliver, operate, and maintain their infrastructure. Zutari supports organisations to create alignment across organisational silos, establishing common policies and practices. We leverage the transformative power of digital technology to find simpler, better, and more innovative ways to do things. This leads to less time and money being wasted, and less friction in the organisation.


It’s impossible to make good decisions without good data. Zutari supports clients to implement good information management practices and systems. Changing from unstructured data to single-source-of-truth information means that through having a better handle on the performance of their infrastructure, organisations can move from a reactive to a proactive operational mode.



Better processes and better visibility allow decision-makers to make smarter investment choices. Balancing the often-conflicting economic, social, and political needs within a limited spending budget is complex. Zutari helps to configure decision-support systems that support data-driven decision making.

We help clients get the maximum value from assets – turning infrastructure assets into impact.
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