Accra, Ghana

Founded by the Ga people in the late 1600s, Accra is a veritable melting pot of cultures.

For 10 years, Zutari’s Accra office has been shaping Ghana’s infrastructure landscape across the Built Environment, Energy, Manufacturing, Transport and Water markets. Our local Zutari experts and partner firms in Ghana provide capacity to create locally relevant, customised solutions. At the same time, the Ghana team benefits from Zutari’s extensive multi-disciplinary engineering and advisory teams, situated across Africa, the Middle-East and beyond. Through the power of digital technology, our teams work together seamlessly for integrated results. We stand ready to support Ghana, and its capital Accra, to develop the the effective and impactful infrastructure it needs to create a diversified and resilient economy, greener jobs, and inclusive access to education, healthcare and other services for Ghana’s 33 million people.
Being trusted as a key solutionist in the development and enhancement of Ghana’s infrastructure has been a rewarding responsibility. With a focus on human-driven design, we have watched quality of life and business in Ghana improve.
Joshua Ayinboya, Country Manager
Being exposed to a working environment with people from different backgrounds and cultures has moulded me into a more tolerant person because you realise and appreciate that it’s not all about you! Witnessing the developmental agenda in every sphere of Ghana’s economy is satisfying. Still, it is even more satisfying for Zutari to consistently strive to provide quality services to Ghanaians to achieve this goal.
Rita Mensah, Administrative Assistant

Our projects

Our projects cross markets, disciplines and geographies, creating a footprint of impact and engineered solutions that are reframing our world.

Impact by numbers

From rural roads to the longest bridge; from corporate head offices to massive housing developments; Zutari is a key player in Angola’s reconstruction process through more than 250 infrastructure projects.
Inhabitants in the Primary Catchment area of Junction Mall have been serviced by Zutari’s contribution of bulk earthworks, roads and streets, pavements, stormwater drainage and water and sewer solutions to the project.
25 000 m²
Total area developed for Fairlop Towers building.

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