Kigali, Rwanda

The land of a thousand hills, and a million opportunities.

Zutari’s multi-disciplinary engineering and advisory team has been actively involved in Rwanda since 2007. We have contributed to a wide range of infrastructure engineering projects as well as transport planning and disaster risk management initiatives in this beautiful country. Our Rwanda team, based in Kigali, has exceptional local capacity and understanding. Through seamless collaboration with teams across Africa, the Middle-East and beyond, Zutari delivers world-class infrastructure solutions in locally relevant ways
Our local knowledge enabled Zutari to deliver impactful solutions and advance transport infrastructure across Rwanda, connecting us to the world. It is rewarding to see how lives are improved through our work, and I look forward to exploring the untapped opportunities our region has to offer.
Graca Sim-Sim, Country Manager
Zutari's remarkable contributions to Rwanda's engineering landscape are truly commendable. With our expertise, Zutari played a pivotal role in shaping critical projects in Rwanda. Our commitment to local standards and sustainable practices reflects a deep understanding of Rwanda's unique needs. Zutari's dedication to excellence and our ability to deliver high-quality results make us an invaluable partner in Rwanda's development journey. Our impact on infrastructure and environmental resilience is nothing short of impressive.
Eloi Migabo, Engineer

Our projects

Our projects cross markets, disciplines and geographies, creating a footprint of impact and engineered solutions that are reframing our world.

Impact by numbers

1.44 Million
Passengers are accommodated annually at Bugesra International Airport; the Terminal is 30 000m squared.
The year that Zutari began projects in Rwanda; with an unrivalled focus on Transport Planning, Engineering and Disaster Risk Management.
12.6 m³
Conveyance Canal that carries 12.6 m³/s flowrate as part of Ntaruka ‘A’ Hydropower Project.

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