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Those who shape the environments in which we live hold a great responsibility to create places that meet our needs today without compromising the future. At Zutari, we believe that built environments that are intentionally designed as sustainable and smart, can accelerate an equitable quality of life for all.

Through broad experience in a diverse range of built environment projects, Zutari understands what is important to our clients and end-users: quality of municipal infrastructure, technology, sustainability, safety, health and wellbeing, environmental stewardship, lifecycle performance and investment returns. To meet these needs, we shape collaborative networks with stakeholders to co-create value across boundaries.  Meaningful engagements with clients, partners and end-users enable us to better understand current challenges and future needs.

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Sustainable, by design

Deon Pretorius
Market Managing Director: Built Environment Africa
Market MD: Built Environment

We support public and private sector clients to plan, design and manage building projects across all asset classes. Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers and advisors provide integrated, comprehensive solutions that support clients to maximise the value of their property assets, now and in future. We prioritise environmental-, social- and economic sustainability across the entire property asset lifecycle.

  • Environmental sustainability: We specialise in creating resource-efficient places in an increasingly resource-constrained world through our award-winning environmentally sustainable design (ESD) team.
  • Social sustainability: We believe the infrastructure we create should accelerate a better quality of life for all. We keep end-users at the centre of the design and development process, resulting in vibrant, functional design that is in tune with the local environment, culture and character.
  • Economic sustainability: We offer commercially sound solutions that are integrated and highly efficient. Through optimising structural form, material and resource consumption, and efficiency of construction, we achieve optimal full lifecycle costs.

Smart built environments

At Zutari, we embrace the transformative power of digital technology to create smart built environments.

  • Smart built environments are designed in smart ways. Powerful digital software tools and content engines connect professional teams and stakeholders throughout the design process – enabling greater efficiency, deeper collaboration and better results.
  • Smart built environments are imbued with technology. Embedding technology into assets bring it to life – presenting new opportunities to optimise operations and building performance.
  • Smart built environments are synchronised as digital twins. Effectively creating, modelling and managing information of buildings allow our clients to understand, manage and interact with their physical assets and stakeholders. Creative visualisation and storytelling allow realistic, immersive, and interactive digital experiences, able to better communicate the vision of built environment projects.

Creating value across the full lifecycle of property assets

At Zutari, we believe that built environments that are intentionally designed as sustainable and smart, can accelerate an equitable quality of life for all.

Our primary areas of expertise include 1) building structural engineering; 2) building services engineering (mechanical, electrical, wet services, fire, building sciences and ESD; and 3) land infrastructure. Our teams include multi-disciplinary engineers and technicians, ESD consultants, building information modelling (BIM) practitioners and development advisors.

For clients who want to grow their business, we offer:

For clients who want to optimise costs, we offer:

  • Optimisation of structural form, material and resource consumption
  • Lifecycle costing, value optimisation and risk reduction strategies
  • Sustainable, smart building and precinct optimisation (energy, water, wellness, health & safety, environment & ecology, transport & mobility, waste, public realm, technology interfaces)

For clients who want to get the optimal value from their property assets, we offer:

  • Building and infrastructure condition assessments
  • Adaptable infrastructure: design for flexibility, re-lifing and repurposing of existing facilities and infrastructure
  • Reality capture and digitising of buildings and infrastructure
  • Building and infrastructure asset management
  • Performance benchmarking and certification

For clients concerned with social and environmental stewardship, we offer:

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