Governments in Africa are faced with solving the challenges of rapid urbanisation, a growing young population, and increasing citizen expectations, driven by rapidly changing technology, all in the context of substantial fiscal constraints. As the continent with the lowest human development index – with 13 of the poorest countries being in Africa – we know how a lack of access to basic infrastructure stifles social progress.

Zutari proactively supports every sphere of government, from local and district municipalities, to provincial and national departments as well as development finance institutions. The reason we have had so many long-standing partnerships with government is due to our expertise in strategic portfolio planning, infrastructure development, the built environment and fixed assets.

Mizingani Sea Wall, Tanzania University of Angola (UCAN), Angola
Consolidated Infrastructure Plan for the City of Johannesburg, South Africa

Our engineers, technical experts, infrastructure advisors and designers understand the whole asset management lifecycle from project scoping through to design, developing, project delivery, commissioning, maintenance, period refurbishment, and the creation of asset management registers.

Our government services include:

  • Environmental planning and management
  • Urban and master planning
  • Policy development
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Infrastructure advisory
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Program advisory
  • Asset management
  • Digital engineering and advisory
  • Asset performance
  • Capital programme planning aligned with strategic objectives
  • Project and portfolio planning and delivery
  • Whole of life infrastructure implementation management

Governments across Africa choose Zutari because we understand the complexities surrounding compliance with public service regulations. We are also empathetic to the needs of public servants who must balance delivery, reporting and audit compliance.

Digital technologies and innovation for asset management

Digital technologies geared towards smart cities and governments are developing at a rapid rate and many of our clients are hungry for forward-thinking solutions to long-term problems. At Zutari, we are experts in rolling out online asset management databases for government institutions.

These databases – which we have rolled out in both the health and education sectors – track many facilities, their status, location, usage, and any capital and operational expenditure related to keeping the facilities functional.

Our experience in using digital solutions for asset management is unmatched in Africa. We use everything from satellite imagery and apps to drones, scanning technology and specialised cameras to log and monitor ever increasing numbers of state-owned facilities.

These digital condition assessments can rapidly produce the documents required to roll out projects, thereby saving the state time and money.


Unlocking opportunities

Governments across Africa choose Zutari because we understand the complexities surrounding compliance with public service regulations.

We understand that government debt, capacity and economic volatility means that our public clients need to come up with out-of-the-box financing solutions. Our team has deep knowledge and experience in state funding, development finance institutions, as well as leveraging private sector investment.

We have produced business cases for infrastructure improvements across a range of sectors including transport, energy, water and the built environment.

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