Across Africa, we design hospitals, clinics, and spaces where people can restfully recuperate. From visitor-friendly accommodation to sterile operating rooms and high-care units, we articulate our clients’ goals through the eyes of doctors, nurses, patients, families and medical staff.

By maximising views, natural light, fresh air and greenery, we focus on creating spaces where people can comfortably heal.

Dr Pixley Kaseme Hospital, South Africa
Ekurhuleni Metro’s Emergency Call Taking & Dispatching Systems, South Africa

Wellness is at the heart of our designs

Kate Roper
Client Director: Government, Health And Education
Kate Roper

With 80 decades of experience in Africa, Zutari’s healthcare facilities provide a human-centred approach which has led to us becoming part of project teams that created some of the most advanced, award-winning hospitals on the continent. We understand that our clients have different models of care, which is why we use a design-led thinking process to make sure we are value engineering a space that is comfortable, accessible, high-performing, and aligned with their therapeutic visions.

Supporting the Department of Health during COVID-19

Since March 2020, Zutari has been supporting the South African government and assisting them in being proactive during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the early stages of the pandemic, Zutari used a system that it developed to collate lists of schools and hostels that could be used as temporary healthcare facilities.

Our team also provided advisory support on how to convert schools, hostels and hotels into temporary facilities, as well as how to convert buildings into healthcare facilities, healthcare worker hostels, quarantine camps, and how to upgrade existing hospital space into ICU and high care units.


Visualising hospitals of the future

By maximising views, natural light, fresh air and greenery, we focus on creating spaces where people can comfortably heal.

Our design team takes a high-tech approach to hospital design. By using 3D modelling, we integrate the work of different professionals such as environmentally sustainable design experts, architects, clinical experts, mechanical engineers, technical experts and designers, into digital twins of the buildings we create. These models are then often combined with virtual reality so that clients – as well as their facilities managers, staff, and anyone involved in the operations of the health care space – can experience first-hand how patients will move around the site, long before construction starts.

The buildings we create are designed to minimise maintenance and the building systems we install reduce energy and water consumption. Through modelling and analysing, we show clients exactly how their facility will run and how we can improve its performance. By integrating sustainability into the design and construction of facilities, clients can achieve green certification.

As an ongoing partner throughout projects, we act as much more than the designer and project manager during the initial stages, but partner with clients to assist with commissioning, ongoing maintenance, and future upgrades and retrofits.

Partner with Zutari for health care spaces that will remain relevant for years to come.

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