Property and land

Rapid urbanisation and demographic changes will lead to substantial pressure in the built environment and real estate industry over the coming years, especially in emerging economies. According to the African Institute for Development Policy, of the 1.1 billion people in Africa, 3 out of 10 (350 million) are young people, aged 10-24 years, and this population is projected to almost triple to 906 million by 2100.

Industrialisation, the export of natural resources, agriculture and fast-growing urban landscapes will create opportunities for property and land investment in Africa. A big focus will be on niche and/or growing locations and geographies for mixed use developments, transit orientated developments along corridors, growth nodes and precincts, and meeting the ever-growing demand for affordable accommodation. Our team is available to meet the specific requirements of any property or land development project.

Lakeside Offices, Gauteng, South Africa
The Docklands, Cape Town, South Africa

Human-centred designs that optimise asset bases

Technology, sustainability, environmental protection, lifecycle performance and investment returns are key drivers for investors, developers, owners and tenants. To make sure we deliver projects that provide excellent service throughout their lifecycle, we follow a human-centred design process to truly understand the lifestyles, challenges, needs, wants and hopes for the end-user of our clients’ land and buildings. With deep expertise in the industry, local knowledge, and an unshakable understanding of what success means to our clients and business partners, we design projects that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Key capabilities

Zutari’s key capabilities encompass urban planning, civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, wet and fire services and urban infrastructure. This is supported by environmentally sustainable design (ESD) and world-class design software and modelling capabilities such as building information modelling (BIM). We provide these multidisciplinary services across the entire project lifecycle, from risk-analysis, planning and feasibility studies to engineering design, documentation, construction supervision, as well as operations and maintenance, within the following sub-sectors:

  • Mixed-use developments
  • Integrated human settlements
  • Land Infrastructure
  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Residential
  • Data Centres
  • Health facilities
  • Education facilities
  • Light industrial and logistics
  • Hotels, casinos and resorts
  • Sport, recreation and culture
  • Airports, stations and terminals
  • Justice and correctional facilities

Our value proposition is being the trusted partner to our clients and business partners by adding value or bringing value to their investment portfolios.


Co-creating investment opportunities

We design projects that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

As a proud leader in the built environment, we are skilled at finding the delicate balance between cost, durability, function, sustainability, safety and practicality. Some of our award-winning projects that changed the skyline of many cities include the Discovery head office, Menlyn shopping centre refurbishment, Atrium on 5th, Newtown junction, 16 on Bree, the Sol Plaatjie university library, and 35 Lower Long. Our history in the industry, combined with our design-led thinking approach and advisory services, enables us to co-create investment opportunities in Africa.

By taking on an advisory role, Zutari assists clients in maintaining tenant occupancy in their properties, navigating the disruptive trends in the property market, as well as managing and maintaining the growth of their investment portfolios. With an impressive track record of over 80 years in Africa, we are a guiding force during disruptive times, helping clients navigate the various building and land requirements for future-focused results. Through eminence and innovation, we create solutions that build, transform and optimise our clients’ asset bases.

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