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The project entails the development of a 300Ml reservoir and associated infrastructure which forms part of first phase (Phase 1) of the Muldersvlei Component of the Bulk Water Augmentation Supply Infrastructure. An existing Environmental Authorisation (EA) was issued by the Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEA&DP) for the project on 30 January 2013 (reference E12/2/2/2/1/4), with an appeal EA issued on 16 September 2013 (reference M 3/6/5), and an amended appeal EA issued on 07 August 2017 (reference 14/3/1/1/B4/45/0244/17) for the proposed establishment of the Bulk Water Augmentation Scheme, Muldersvlei Component.

The above-mentioned Environmental Authorisations included the approval of a preliminary route for an access road to the reservoir with a 20m road reserve and a 9.5m surfaced roadway. The alignment of the access road has since been refined, due to existing infrastructure and natural topography, in the detailed design phase. An existing water supply pipeline is also routed through the proposed reservoir site and the pipeline must be relocated before construction of the reservoir can commence.

For more information, to register as an Interested and Affected Party (I&AP) or to submit comments, please contact us between 30 January 2023 and 28 February 2023 by completing the form below.

DEADP_Application_Form_Amendment_Env_Authorisation_Nov 2019_Part2_20230123

Appendix A – Fee | Appendix A

Appendix A – Fee | 194C-WP037-Part1 Amendment Application_Flat

Appendix B – EA | Appendix B

Appendix B – EA | Appendix B.1 EA ROD

Appendix B – EA | Appendix B.2 cEMP July 2012

Appendix B – EA | Appendix B.3 OEMP July 2012

Appendix D – DFFE Screening Tool | Appendix D

Appendix D – DFFE Screening Tool | Bulk Water Augmentation Scheme-Zutari – City of Cape Town-2023-01-06 01-44

Appendix E – Project Plan | Appendix E

Appendix E – Project Plan | Project Program Rev4_Baseline

Appendix F – Maps | Appendix F

Appendix F – Maps | F.1 1001757-0000-DRG-CC-9019_EA Locality Plan

Appendix F – Maps | F.2 1001757-0000-DRG-CC-9011 [A] Access Road Corridor_20220913

Appendix F – Maps | F.3_1001757-0000-DRG-CC-9008

Appendix G – Appeal | Appendix G

Appendix G – Appeal | Appendix G.1 Appeal

Appendix G – Appeal | Appendix G.2 Amendment of the Appeal

Appendix H -Landowner | Appendix H_POPI

Appendix I – Verification of environment | Appendix I

Appendix I – Verification of environment | Appendix I_Verification of environment

Appendix L – Correspondence | Appendix L

Appendix L – Correspondence | L.1 Letter DEA&DP_Pre-app clarification letter Final_Flat

Appendix L – Correspondence | L.2 2022_10_26_To Zutari_Muldersvlei Bulk Water Augmentation Scheme_Amendment required_2117_22-Flat

Appendix L – Correspondence | L.3 1089 CoCT Bulk water supply Ack amendment app_flat

Appendix L – Correspondence | L.4 Email Response Regarding Part 2 Amendment

Appendix L – Correspondence | L.5 2022-12-13_ToCoCT_BulkWaterAugmentationScheme_MuldersvleiComponent_AcknPart2AmendmentAF_2059-22_Flat

Appendix M – I&AP list | Appendix M

Appendix M – I&AP list | Muldersvlei Part2 database

Your input into this upgrade project is sincerely appreciated. Your comments and concerns will be considered by the project team and included in the amendment assessment report that will be submitted to the Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEADP). Zutari places a high premium on the privacy & personal information of our stakeholders. The processing of personal information is subject to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), Act No. 4 of 2013.

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