Development and conservation planning for Kagera River Basin

Development and conservation planning for Kagera River Basin

This study formed part of the Kagera River Basin Management Project in which an integrated water resources management (IWRM) based basin-wide development plan for the Kagera River Basin was produced. The focus of the study was on development and conservation planning in the basin part of the four basin countries (Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda) and an assessment of potential impacts of development on Lake Victoria.

The first stage of the project was the diagnostic assessment, during which information from prior studies was gathered and organised and used to determine the management and development issues related to water resources within the basin, to establish potential, opportunities and constraints. The strategic planning phase then commenced, where basin-wide strategic options and priorities were formulated to meet water demands.

These options were classified and screened according to the basin priorities and specific water resources management and development options were then recommended. The result entailed strategic goals and development scenarios and a portfolio of bankable projects and programmes. The final stage involved the development and environmental sustainable development plan for the basin. An institutional model for implementation was recommended and potential impacts identified.

The 20-year development plan was developed, a well as a five-year implementation strategy and action plan. Zutari undertook data collection and desk reviews, surface water hydrological assessment and modelling, water quality assessment, hydropower and energy assessment, climate change and risk assessment, assessment of water use and demand, as well as future water demand analysis. The range of other sectorial technical contributions was also reviewed.

*The Aurecon Africa business has been officially renamed Zutari as at 21 July 2020.  Zutari acquired Aurecon Middle East on 20 November 2020.

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