Zutari Solutionists.

Future-fit solutions.


Zutari Solutionists integrate Technical Mastery with Creative Intelligence and Digital Acumen to co-create enduring infrastructure to the benefit of all.

The Solutionist mindset.

Zutari solutionists think differently to create & advise better. Every person, every day. Our deep technical knowledge and experience across various expertise and markets combined with a Solutionist mindset make us trusted advisors on everything infrastructure-related. As thinkers and doers, we lead the conversation in defining the problem and are committed to delivering enduring solutions.

Leveraging deep, technical experience to tackle questions that don't yet have an answer, allowing us to cut across borders and expertise.


Creative intelligence exercises our human ability to understand, interpret and act with imagination – allowing us to explore and imagine new possibilities.


The ability to better contextualise and visualise data for broader insights by digitally connecting people and assets – strengthening our decision-making processes.

Dignity through home ownership

Radical innovation in water treatment

Affordable housing that unlocks opportunities

Zutari Solutionists are committed to delivering enduring infrastructure solutions.

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