Our purpose is to co-create an engineered impact that enables environments, communities and economies to thrive.​


Complex problems require collaborative solutions.

We do not assume to know all the answers. The different perspectives needed to identify the real issues and challenges we need to solve, don’t reside in boardrooms or blueprints. ​

Co-creation opens our problem-solving process to a host ​of voices, often different to our own. We commit to spending enough time in the world of our clients and end users to truly understand the impact we’re being asked to make. ​

We connect clients, stakeholders and partners with shared interests across the globe to co-create new opportunities. ​
It’s this commitment to truly add value that has earned us ​the trust of our clients. ​

We fully support a vision of a non-racial and non-sexist Africa, underpinned by inclusive democracies where we create opportunities for all. Because the only way we will improve ​the world, is by working together.


The intentional, skilful and artful approach that drives us beyond traditional engineering.

Engineered solutions blend the old and the new, reframing technical expertise for an ever-changing world where you have to continuously innovate to deliver better results. ​

Our technical eminence, accrued over decades, is now complemented by digital technology to help us solve problems where human ability alone is not enough. What took days, now takes moments. ​We are passionate about the new, the modern, the smart. ​

Today, we integrate technical and creative thinking. We employ design thinkers to help us explore problems deeper. We deliberately invite different voices to the table. It’s how we expand our creative capacity to engineer solutions for impactful, lasting change. ​

In the past, engineering focused mainly on the design and construction of assets. At Zutari we deliberately connect assets to strategy for better decision making. We see better results when it’s the designer ​
of an asset who advises clients how to plan, operate, optimise ​and repurpose those assets.


The deliberate and shared value we create for the economies, environments and communities we serve.

Impact is hard-won. The best social and environmental performance need to be underpinned by strong financial performance. True sustainability requires the three to be integrally linked.

Our solutions always consider the impact on the environment and communities but we also consciously deliver outcomes ​ that help clients stay and thrive in business.​ We craft authentic African solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems. What works globally, does not always translate into contextually relevant answers.

That’s why our impact that matters.

Three reasons to partner with Zutari:

We are local

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In the past 90 years, we’ve formed a relationship with Africa and its people. While its problems and challenges have defeated many, we’ve seen this giant at its best.

Our local knowledge is unrivalled, making us the perfect partners for those unfamiliar  with this proud continent. Our international experience and Global Design Centres gives us access to the best the world has to offer.

As a private, management-owned company, we operate where these two worlds meet. It is a marriage of possibilities. An understanding that mutual respect is what makes a lasting impact possible.

We connect, differently

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We know there is value in the old and growth in the new. This is true for our partnerships, relationships and ideas. We blend the past and the future to bring together the expertise, processes and resources that are right for the now.

Our strong relationships allow us to connect the right expertise, processes and resources to match our clients’ needs and bring together stakeholders that have shared interests.

We blend the old and the new. We have moved beyond traditional engineering and work collaboratively to integrate technical and creative thinking. This process of co-creation allows us to unearth new opportunities with our clients and partners.

Zutari’s broad collective of in-house, industry-recognised engineering consultants and trusted advisors provide seamless and integrated delivery. This unique ability to offer scaled engagement allows Zutari to solve complex challenges more efficiently.

Grounded in digital engineering we continuously innovate to deliver better results.

Zutari creates shared value and impact for our clients and the economies, environments and communities we operate in.

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