We are one Zutari because we are diverse. Here we value contrasting voices, alternative perspectives and insights into cultures different from our own.

It’s in this space where new insights become shared goals, that a unique sense of community is formed. Trust becomes the unbreakable foundation that allows us to build the strong partnerships necessary to give our work purpose.

We fully support Africa’s vision of a non-racial and non-sexist, inclusive democracy by creating opportunities for all. Because the only way we will improve the world, is by working together.

Our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategic priorities include:

  • Enabling and empowering leaders with transformational/inclusive leadership capabilities, as well as equipping them with the skills to model and lead DEI initiatives from within their own units 
  • Enabling teams to learn, model and develop a DEI culture from within
  • Proactively helping all employees to feel welcome and building a culture of diversity and inclusiveness that is rich and mature, while aiming to constantly evolve and become better
  • Understanding and learning more about gender equality, disability and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex life (LGBTQI+), and how we can improve progress with our portfolio of actions

Our BBBEE Contributor status:

Our BBBEE Contributor status in FY18 advanced from Level 2 to Level 1, recognising our dedicated commitment to a transformed business. However, we appreciate that there is room for improvement, reflecting in our continued focus on transformation and our DEI programme being a key differentiator of Zutari.

As responsible corporate citizens, we take transformation very seriously and constantly seek ways to improve. We have implemented and drive many programmes and initiatives aimed at:

  • Attracting, engaging, inspiring, retaining, and increasing our share of diverse high-potential people
  • Creating a sustainable environment, where diverse teams can thrive, and our people are at the centre of everything we do across all aspects of our business


Transformation in Zutari has the following core components:

  • Addressing the imbalances of the past by uplifting and empowering previously disadvantaged individuals, including black people and women and, in addition, helping the youth and the physically disabled, to enable them to sustainably participate in the economy
  • Expanding opportunities for these members of our broader community to create their own wealth
  • Continually transforming our own organisation and attitudes by driving a values-based culture that develops a work environment of fairness and equal opportunity

Our business is grounded in our philosophy to be fair, to be inclusive, to drive diversity and to foster growth for all. We are devoted to doing work that addresses real-life problems for all our stakeholders with a special highlight on the growth of our employees throughout Africa.

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