We connect differently

Our strong relationships allow us to connect the right expertise, processes and resources to match client’s needs and bring stakeholders that have shared interests together.

We blend the old and the new. We have moved beyond traditional engineering and work collaboratively to integrate technical and creative thinking. This process of co-creation allows us to unearth new opportunities with our clients and partners.

We Connect Differently

The Zutari code

We believe that an authentic set of values is at the core of every organisation’s success. At Zutari, we call this our “Six Truths”.

Who we are is how we behave. Our truths shape how we do business, work with our clients and most importantly, work with each other.


We value our clients

Every client is important to us. Our code asks that we only ever choose to work with clients who we know we can add value to. This ensures we share their values and passion for the projects we will create together. They’re the partners who appreciate our pioneering spirit, decisive drive and waste-free working process. Our shared vision makes working together a positive and enjoyable experience.


We do the right thing

Not sometimes. Always. Even when it’s hard. Our commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards calls for integrity, truthfulness and authenticity. We conduct our business in a competent, fair, impartial and efficient manner.


We are responsible

Our impact matters. We value the positive difference we make on our environment, communities and economies. We care about delivering solutions that are conscientious, considerate and sustainable.


We are one

We always work as a team. As one. We allow space for each other’s differences while building the trust needed to achieve shared goals. Ideas are shared and improved, together.


We are passionate

We love what we do. We find joy and pride in our work. Our creative energy creates new value that is appreciated, respected and admired. We are always eager to work across disciplines and evolve our thinking.


We lead boldly

We are confident. Never arrogant. Our drive to make an impact gives our people a firm purpose. Our unwavering curiosity pushes us to stay ahead. We are bold leaders in an industry ready for change.


At Zutari, co-creation is our north star. It is by no means the easy road. We know it requires a problem-solving mindset, skillset and handset to complement our technical mastery. It’s about deliberately seeking out diverse thinking and having different voices in the room.

In the face of increasing uncertainty, it is no longer the single expert with the single answer who can be relied on to recognise new possibilities, but it is the untraditional connections or the new ideas in spaces once never explored.

Our co-creation methodology invites clients, users and stakeholders to become co-creators rather than bystanders. Together we explore design thinking, systems thinking and lean thinking to create a result that is truly made up of multiple voices and minds.

Systems thinking allows us to make sense of complex environments and uncover the dynamics with the greatest potential for impact.

Design thinking reminds us that real people are at the centre of our solutions-making process.

Lean thinking underpins a collective commitment to the reliable and speedy delivery of value during design and construction. This helps us build a learning and improvement culture across our teams.

Our mind shifts from seeing users as co-creators rather than consumers of solutions is what fundamentally unlocks our creative capacity and leads to impactful, lasting change.

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