Zutari Impact Awards

The Zutari Impact awards are designed to recognise and celebrate how our exemplary projects and people, who apply their sought-after expertise, are making a real difference in people’s lives.

The impact we make in communities, environments and industries through our projects is the reason for our eminence amongst our clients and competitors alike.

Our Impact Awards is a joyful, celebration of the many and varied projects that have shaped enduring impact across Africa, the Middle East, and beyond.

Projects that get things done, and make things work, remain the only vehicle through which good intentions can be translated into tangible impact. As a full-lifecycle infrastructure engineering and advisory practice, Zutari is uniquely placed to shape such projects. These projects are a testimony to the power of radical collaboration and human-centred design. They have enabled more responsible production and have stretched the boundaries of engineering to create adaptable infrastructure and resilient spaces.These projects best represent Zutari’s passion for maximising the impact of infrastructure to support lives and livelihoods – accelerating equitable quality of life for communities and economies while touching the earth lightly.

Winning projects are identified annually in several categories.  In each category, winning projects are those that exhibit exceptional technical mastery, innovative digital solutions, creative intelligence, safety, collaboration and adherence to Zutari’s cultural codes.  These codes emphasize leadership, responsibility, integrity, grit, trust and teamwork.

The Impact Award categories include:

  • Regional categories, including Best in Africa and Best in Middle-East – given to an exceptionally impactful project in these regions.
  • People’s choice award, chosen by Zutari employees, who vote for the project that best represents our impact and culture across all the markets and regions we serve.
  • The accelerating equitable quality of life category, which celebrates a project which has directly and dramatically impacted the lives of people.
  • The winner in the building digital worlds category is usually a project which has used innovative digital technology to extend human senses, enhance cognitive power, free-up creativity capacity, and improve our ability to connect – internally, and with clients, partners and stakeholders.
  • The creating adaptable infrastructure category award is given to a project that has created responsive and future-proof infrastructure through human-centred design and full-lifecycle engineering.
  • The winner of the delivering resilient spaces category is a project which has contributed to the creation of productive environments that supports thriving communities and growing economies; spaces where people want to work and live.
  • The award for the enabling responsible production category is given to an impactful project within the mining, petrochemicals and manufacturing industry which has shown remarkable sustainability; contributing to thriving economies while touching the earth lightly.
  • The shaping radically collaborative networks category celebrates a project which combines technical engineering and strategic advisory service across traditional boundaries. We also celebrate projects that show improved outcomes due to exemplary collaboration with partners, clients and end-users.

The Impact Award 2024 winners are:

The Impact Award 2023 winners are:

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