Connecting differently for community solutions in Soweto

As part of Future Cities South Africa, Zutari is creating a new normal – a collaborative approach to spatial planning which builds trust and unlocks innovation. Benchmarked in Soweto, this approach has transformative potential for other township economies and marginalised settlements.

Zutari is proud to be part of the Future Cities South Africa (FCSA) initiative – a unique coalition of organisations which contributes to inclusive and sustainable economic growth, poverty reduction and improvement of gender, social and economic inequalities in South Africa’s cities.  The FCSA also supports the cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg and eThekwini with urgent urban challenges, such as those posed by Covid-19.

Zutari oversees one such ambitious project in Soweto – an urban planning project encompassing finance, spatial economics, engineering, climate change and resiliency planning to bolster economic development.  The project goes beyond technical engineering and includes a highly participatory approach which brings together stakeholders from the local community and local government.  Zutari is supporting these parties to move beyond their traditionally strained relationship; connecting differently to create innovative solutions based on emerging best practice for township economies.

Learn more about how Zutari connects differently to engineer impact here.

At Zutari, we believe in co-creating an engineered impact enable environments, communities and economies to thrive.

Zutari is an infrastructure advisory, design, and engineering consultancy. In the past 90 years, we’ve formed a deep-rooted relationship with Africa, the Middle East, and its people. Staying in business for almost a century is a testament to our agility and resilience.

Our broad collective of in-house, industry-recognised engineering consultants and trusted advisors provide seamless and integrated delivery of infrastructure projects. These solutionists combine their technical mastery, creative intelligence, and digital smarts to reframe traditional engineering for a new world.

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A lot can be learnt about an organisation where leaders grow other leaders and are willing to make the time to engage, encourage, and invest in those who want to make a positive impact and contribution. This is the view of Shamenthree Naidoo, Learning Experience Leader, Zutari, whose team has successfully pioneered the Adaptive Leader Programme (ALP) at the leading consulting engineering and infrastructure advisory firm.
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