Celebrating the Impact of the Zutari Learner Excellence Programme

At Zutari, we are dedicated to education to boost students’ performance and expand their career opportunities. Our mission includes reducing educational disparities and contributing to poverty eradication.

We take pride in supporting the Zutari Learner Excellence Programme, which Protec STEM administers. We focus on empowering Grade 10 to Grade 12 students from underserved communities in South Africa. After Grade 12, we aim to offer them undergraduate scholarships, nurturing a pipeline of much-needed engineering professionals for Zutari and South Africa. This initiative aligns with our Zutari Codes, emphasising doing the right thing.

Recently, we visited a school in East London to introduce 40 students to consulting engineering and encourage them to consider engineering careers.

Zutari’s emerging talent, including Xoliswa Majola , and our senior professional expert and East London Office Manager, Gcobani Tshayana, shared their experiences, work, and how engineering tools solve complex client problems. We also discussed the process of enrolling in STEM programs at tertiary institutions and local admission requirements.

Our support takes various forms, including in-person weekend tutoring, holiday classes, and online learning opportunities. This program is active in four feeder schools: Bhongolethu Secondary School, Byletts Secondary School, Jongilanga Secondary School, and Kwenxura Secondary School, with Byletts Secondary School as our primary contact location.

Senzekile Mdluli (Head: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and CSI) says that “the unwavering commitment of everyone involved is truly inspiring, and our collective goal remains to improve learner performance and help them achieve their full potential. We thank the Department of Basic Education officials, feeder schools, parents, and all stakeholders on this important journey. We eagerly anticipate more collaborations as we continue making a significant impact on the lives of these young individuals.”

Feedback we have received from the learners:

Kanide Nakhane Zenze 
(Byletts Highschool)

I’m a Grade 11 student in the Zutari Learner Excellence Programme for 2023. I want to tell you how this program has changed my life. The program has been amazing. I’ve done fun activities and made friends. My grades have gotten much better since I joined. I used to struggle with math and science, but now I’m doing really well, thanks to the program. 

My friends in the program inspired me to join. I want to get good grades and go to college. With the programme’s help, I’m doing much better in subjects I used to find hard.  The teachers in the program are great. They help me a lot and give me things like tablets and data to learn. I want to tell other students about this program and how it’s helped me improve my grades and learn important life skills. 

In the end, the Zutari Learner Excellence Programme has made me more confident and knowledgeable. I’m thankful for this opportunity, and I’m excited about my future because of what I’ve learned in this program.

When I received the invitation to join the Zutari Excellence Programme, I was elated and felt incredibly fortunate. I eagerly embraced this opportunity with the belief that it would lead to an enhancement in my academic performance. My primary goal upon enrolling in the program was to improve my grades and attain a higher level of academic excellence. While I had not yet decided on a specific career path, I was leaning towards the field of science. Thanks to the invaluable exposure provided by the Zutari programme, I had the chance to explore a multitude of careers, one of which captivated my interest – mechanical engineering.

My commitment to academic improvement yielded remarkable results as I consistently achieved scores of 60% or higher in all of my subjects. Throughout my journey in the program, I consistently ranked among the top 10 achievers each term, earning recognition and awards. Although I had long aspired to become a doctor, my interest in the medical field waned last year. With the diverse set of subjects offered by this program, my newfound passion for engineering blossomed.

Speaking in front of an audience and socializing were areas in which I had previously struggled. However, my participation in the Zutari Excellence Programme has empowered me to overcome these challenges. Interacting with individuals from varied backgrounds and personalities has facilitated my growth and development in these areas. The mentors in the program have played a pivotal role in my personal growth, consistently offering their guidance and patience.

This program not only nurtures academic excellence but also instills in us the responsibility to become the leaders of tomorrow. It fosters a deep appreciation for science and aims to contribute to the development and progress of our country. The Zutari Excellence Programme has had a profound impact on my journey, helping me discover my passion for engineering, boosting my confidence, and preparing me for a future where I can make a meaningful difference. 

Lindokuhle Manuel
(Byletts Highschool)

Zesimthande Ngwendu
(Byletts Highschool)

I’m fortunate to be a part of the Protec Zutari Programme. This journey has been an incredible and helpful experience. The program, initiated by Mr. Timothy Maneswa, focuses on mathematics and science studies and engaging discussions on various topics. It aims to enhance our knowledge, empathy, and communication skills. My goals when joining the program included improving my understanding of mathematics and science, becoming a more empathetic and engaging individual, and reducing my struggles with major subjects. I’ve made significant progress in all these areas, and the program has also helped me connect with people from diverse backgrounds, enhancing my understanding and compassion. This has boosted my confidence, motivation, and overall well-being, making me a more content and fulfilled student. The personalized and self-directed approach of the Learner Excellence Programme sets it apart from traditional education and has allowed me to progress at my own pace. For those considering participation, I encourage them to take a leap of faith, as this program offers flexibility and tailored learning experiences that can be surprisingly enjoyable and enriching, even in a short time.

Our deputy principal introduced us to the program because my single-parent mother couldn’t afford school fees. I joined to excel academically, gain knowledge, and develop teamwork skills. With Zutari’s extra classes, I’m now making significant progress in previously challenging math topics like algebra. The program has taught me that hard work is key to academic success.

Since joining, I’ve noticed positive changes, including increased confidence. Initially doubting my suitability, my teachers’ encouragement has led to improved academic performance. This program not only offers excellent education but also ensures timely instruction and revision of school subjects.

Bomela Lilitha
(Byletts Highschool)

At Zutari, we believe in co-creating an engineered impact enable environments, communities and economies to thrive.

Zutari is an infrastructure advisory, design, and engineering consultancy. In the past 90 years, we’ve formed a deep-rooted relationship with Africa, the Middle East, and its people. Staying in business for almost a century is a testament to our agility and resilience.

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