Zutari is an infrastructure engineering
and advisory practice.

As an infrastructure engineering and advisory practice, we believe infrastructure has unparalleled potential to create enduring impact. Never more relevant, this potential can be realised only if we maximise value across the full lifecycle.

Our work in water, transport, energy, resources, and built-environment infrastructure does just this – helping to nurture thriving communities, growing economies, and healthy environments.

Building on solid foundations, now 90 years in the making, we are trusted to shape locally relevant, fit-for-purpose solutions through our extensive footprint in Africa and the Middle East.

Few can rival our local capacity and understanding.

Zutari operates across six markets.

Our impact is multiplied by working through selected clients, initiatives and programmes across six infrastructure markets.

Impact through infrastructure.

Our projects cross markets, disciplines and geographies, creating a footprint of impact that enables communities, environments and economies to thrive.

Future-fit solutions.
Zutari Solutionists integrate Technical Mastery with Creative Intelligence and Digital Acumen to co-create enduring infrastructure to the benefit of all.
Best in class for the quality we deliver.
We have worked on many award-winning projects and are frequently rewarded for being ahead of our competitors.
We think about the value of Impact.
At Zutari, we value contrasting voices, alternative perspectives and broad insights.

Cultivate mastery, get things done and co-create.

Be part of something bigger – a lasting impact and legacy. Seize the opportunity to grow your career and master technical skills.

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